Relocating? Let us be your guide

When moving to a new city, you can have a lot on your mind: New job, new school, new church, new routines, and of course, finding a new place for your family to call "home". At Kiva Realty, we understand this, and we are experts in relocation. We have a long history of finding buyers the right home by going through a very specific checklist to help you efficiently narrow your options.

When most buyers go into home search mode - they may end up with 50+ listings to view. It should go without saying that's too many properties to look at if you're on a short visit from out of town! We will help you to narrow your search down to 20-25 houses, with these things in mind:

Relocated to the Portales area with Kiva Realty as your REALTOR - (575) 356-5555
  • Send us two lists a few days before arriving: One should be of things you require in your new home. The other should be for optional things you want. When a house doesn't even meet your needs, we can naturally cross it off the list.
  • Have a set price range. This could be based on mortgage or a reasonable estimate of how much you'll get from selling your current home.
  • What length of a commute are you ready to make each day to work and other activities? Traffic in the Portales area could be different than what you're currently experiencing, so tell us your limits regarding drive-time, and we'll locate homes within that radius.

We can send you my best recommendations prior to your arrival. Or if you've got a list of properties in mind, let us know what you've found. While virtual tours and photos are invaluable, there's nothing like seeing homes in person. We can schedule any necessary appointments with other Realtors or homeowners and map a route. If we work efficiently, we could go to 8 to 10 homes in a single day.

Our goal is to do everything we can so that by the end of your visit, you can be comfortable in the knowledge you've found the best home for your family. Call us today at (575) 356-5555 to start your home search.
found the best home for your family. Call any of our expert Realtors listed below today, to start your home search.

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